In this guide, we’ll learn how a student interacts at various points in the SmithTips site. Below are Links to videos of various areas which gives a basic overview of interaction points in the SmithTips platform:

How To Login To Your SmithTips Account



How to Edit Your SmithTips Profile



How To Change Your SmithTips Profile Picture



How To Change SmithTips Profile Cover Image



How to Search for Courses on SmithTips


How to Find a Course On SmithTips



How To Subscribe and Take A Course On SmithTips



How To Send A Private Message On SmithTips



How To Add A Friend On SmithTips



How To Initiate A Chat On SmithTips




SmithTips offers a variety of components to promote interaction among students and instructors.



Students can send a friendship request to other members (students+ instructors). Friends have access to send a private message and invite each other groups etc..

Private Messaging

Private messaging allows greater interaction among students.

Quiz and Course results are sent to users via private messaging, wherein students can directly interact with their instructor on the results.


Groups are a very powerful component of SmithTips Learning Management System, which allows greater levels of interaction among students offering the same course. Each course is connected to a Group and all students have a lifetime membership to the course group.


Each course and unit are connected to forums. Each group can also be connected to a forum. If the group is private then the forum access is allowed only to group members. Which make the forum an exclusive forum for course members.

SmithTips is a human capital organization that is aimed at being the bridge between academia and industry by working to build and develop the capacity of individuals and groups.

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