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This Microsoft Office Word: Basic to Advance course forms part of the Microsoft Office Fundamental: Outlook, Word and Excel Training Course.

The Microsoft Office Fundamental: Outlook, Word and Excel Training Course teaches you how to create and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and emails with Microsoft Office.

This is the first part of the 3 in 1 course and in this training course, you will learn basic to advance Word skills.

You will learn how to create and manage Microsoft Office Word documents, organize information in tables, add graphics elements to documents, finalize and distribute documents, merge documents with data and labels and much more.

Today, employers across many industries and fields expect candidates to have Microsoft Office skills, as it is the most universally utilized software in business. Having these skills, even at a basic level, will help with your job prospects and increase your chances to be considered for most roles.

What you’ll learn

  • Create and edit Word documents
  • Enter and Edit Text
  • Modify the structure and Appearance of Text
  • Create custom Document Elements
  • Present information in Columns and Rows
  • Formatting Tables
  • Adding simple Graphic Elements
  • Finalizing and Distribution of Documents
  • Merging Data with Documents and Labels

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Welcome to Office Fundamentals Details 00:04:00
About this Course Details 00:02:00
Course Glossary Details 00:20:00
Microsoft Office Fundamentals Pre-course Survey 00:10:00
Word Fundamentals
Introducing Word Details 00:04:00
The Ribbon Details 00:20:00
The Title Bar Details 00:05:00
The Status Bar Details 00:10:00
Create and Manage Documents
Create and Manage Documents Details 00:05:00
Create Documents Details 00:25:00
Open And Move Around In Documents Details 00:30:00
Display Different Views Of Documents Details 00:30:00
Enter and Edit Text
Enter and Edit Text Details 00:05:00
Enter and Import Text Details 00:20:00
Move, Copy, and Delete Text Details 00:30:00
Find and Replace Text Details 00:30:00
Modify the Structure and Appearance of Text
Modify The Structure And Appearance Of Text Details 00:05:00
Apply Paragraph Formatting Details 00:30:00
Structure Content Manually Details 00:25:00
Apply Character Formatting Details 00:30:00
Create And Modify Lists Details 00:20:00
Apply Built-in Styles To Text Details 00:30:00
Change The Document Theme Details 00:20:00
Create Custom Document Elements
Lesson Introduction Details 00:05:00
Create and Modify Styles Details 00:25:00
OPTIONAL: Create and Manage Custom Themes Details 00:30:00
Create Custom Building Blocks Details 00:30:00
Module Assessment Exam 00:20:00
Advanced skills in Word
Organize information in columns and tables – Lesson introduction Details 00:05:00
Present Information In Columns Details 00:30:00
Present Information In Tables Details 00:30:00
Format Tables Details 00:10:00
Add Simple Graphic Elements
Lesson Introduction Details 00:02:00
Insert, Move, and Resize Pictures Details 00:20:00
Edit and Format Pictures Details 00:15:00
Draw and Modify Shapes Details 00:20:00
Add WordArt Text Details 00:10:00
Finalize and Distribute Documents
Lesson Introduction Details 00:02:00
Locate and Correct Text Errors Details 00:15:00
Preview and Adjust Page Layout Details 00:15:00
Control What Appears On Each Page Details 00:20:00
Prepare Documents For Electronic Distribution Details 00:15:00
Print and Send Documents Details 00:20:00
Merge Data With Documents and Labels
Lesson Introduction Details 00:03:00
Understand The Mail Merge Process Details 00:10:00
Start The Mail Merge Process Details 00:20:00
Choose The Data Source Details 00:20:00
Insert Merge Fields Details 00:15:00
Preview And Complete The Merge Details 00:10:00
Module Assessment Exam
Advanced skills in Word – Module Assessment 00:20:00

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