This course, will help you unlock the secrets to business success by understanding workplace culture. You’ll learn how to use language and nonverbal communication to convey shared meanings in face-to-face and remote professional relationships.

You will learn techniques to effectively and succinctly articulate your business ideas to a diverse range of audiences to ensure they understand even the most complex concepts.



  • How to critically evaluate your role in workplace interactions
  • How to employ strategies for active listening
  • How to ask questions that move conversations forward



There are no required courses to complete before this course.


Earn a Certificate of Completion to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain in this course.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Business Communication – Welcome To The Course Details 00:05:00
Pre-Course Survey 00:10:00
Discussion: Introduce Yourself Details 00:02:00
Your Communication Personality
Your Communication Personality – Overview Details 00:05:00
What type of communicator are you? 00:10:00
Communication Personality Poll Questions 00:05:00
Communication Personality Adjustment Matrix (CPAM) Details 00:30:00
Scenario 1 Details 00:03:00
Scenario 1 Quiz 00:05:00
Scenario 1 Commentary and Discussion Details 00:02:00
Scenario 2 Details 00:03:00
Scenario 2 Quiz 00:10:00
Scenario 2 Commentary and Discussion Details 00:02:00
Scenario 3 Details 00:05:00
Scenario 3 Commentary and Discussion Details 00:02:00
Activity and Discussion Details 00:01:00
Summary, Resources & Graded Quiz Details 00:05:00
Your Communication Personality Graded Quiz 00:20:00
Interviewing – Overview Details 00:02:00
Opening Discussion Prompt Details 00:05:00
Types of Interview Questions
Close-Ended Questions Details 00:02:00
Close-Ended Questions – Check Your Understanding 00:02:00
Open-Ended Questions Details 00:01:00
Open-Ended Questions – Check Your Understanding 00:02:00
Basic Questions Details 00:02:00
Basic Questions – Check Your Understanding 00:02:00
Strategic Questions Details 00:04:00
Strategic Questions – Check Your Understanding 00:02:00
Rapport-Building Questions Details 00:03:00
Rapport-Building Questions – Check Your Understanding 00:02:00
Question Type Inventory Details 00:10:00
Interview Planning
Interview Planning Details 00:08:00
Interview Checklist Details 00:10:00
Interview Planning – Check Your Understanding 00:02:00
Interviewing Techniques within Scenario 3 Details 00:03:00
Interview and Discuss Details 00:01:00
Session 2 Summary & Resources Details 00:20:00
Session 2 Graded Quiz 00:20:00
Business Writing
Business Writing – Overview Details 00:02:00
What Your Email Says About You
Sample Email 1 Details 00:10:00
Video Commentary- Sample Email 1 Details 00:10:00
Sample Email 2 Details 00:10:00
Video Commentary- Sample Email 2 Details 00:10:00
Effective Business Writing
Workplace Email Examples Details 00:05:00
Workplace Email Examples – Poll Question 00:02:00
Clarify Your Purpose Details 00:03:00
Clarify Your Purpose – Checking Your Understanding 00:02:00
Know Your Audience Details 00:03:00
Workplace Email Example 3 Details 00:05:00
Refine Your Style Details 00:03:00
Activity and Discussion
Activity and Discussion 2 Details 00:20:00
Business Writing Checklist Details 00:05:00
Session 3 Summary & Resources Details 00:20:00
Session 3 Graded Quiz 00:30:00
Personal Reflection Assignment
Personal Reflection Assignment Details 00:15:00
Personal Reflection Assignment 00:15:00
Course Wrap-Up & Survey
Course Wrap-Up Details 00:05:00
End of Course Survey 00:05:00

Course Reviews


14 ratings
  • 5 stars10
  • 4 stars4
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. 5

    i think it’s a great course. The mode of teaching really helped me capture the concepts pretty quickly.

  2. Informative and Very Detailed


    Nice course. It highlights common negligence that we make in emails, and few basic errors. Good information and the Presenter is engaging. She does a nice job of keeping my attention. I appreciate the detail in the explanation on how to get my message across to the listener. The most informative and helpful experience. Thanks.

  3. 5

    I really enjoyed learning this course. It was very informative and easy to follow . Dr Andrea is very plain and precise with her words and made the communication course interesting.

  4. Excellent


    I am fully educated on business communication. I now know different styles of communicating with different personalities. It’s really educative. And please I can’t take the quiz oooo

  5. Great Job


    I am Impressed. There is so much insight in this Course. If you have not taken the course what are you waiting for?



    This course really gives us the insight of communication styles and reveals certain key factors an individual is supposed to know. Therefore building his or her confidence level and be mindful when dealing with all aspects of life and not only businesses. I believe after studying this course you will be able to fit into any society you find yourself.

  7. It was interesting and fun


    Really enjoyed the video part of this course



    I’m very proud to be enrolled on this course. It has been one of my happiest moments. More than being in the lecture room. The videos were very educative and entertaining too. I’m so much happy I’ve completed the course. I have really learnt a whole lot!!

  9. Important


    I am very happy to have taken this course as it has exposed me to a whole new dimension to communication. I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to take and complete this course.
    You’ll love it!

  10. The microchromosomes of the macrochromosomes


    I am enthusiastically enthused with the enthusiastic conceptualization of this course and the smithtips as a whole.
    I know that in the absence of this course there is no business communication because this is the vehicle of entrepreneurs and you cant afford to miss it. Smithtips keep me update with contemporary knowledge.

  11. Business Communication - Great!


    Oh My Goodness! I had a nice time. I’m glad I finished well and have learnt a lot. I am more confident in practising these skills. This is excellent. Everyone should learn this. It will really be helpful for climbing ladders of success in life.

  12. Nice Course!


    This is a nice and interesting course. it has broaden my scope of knowledge. I’ve applied most of the principles and they worked out for me. Thank you so much

  13. 5

    Hooray….. I just learnt a new skill and I must say it was interesting and very educative. I was kinda reluctant initially but I must say the time and data bundle ? spent on it was worth it. Kudos to me ? ?


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