What we do

SmithTips Company Limited is a human capital organization that is aimed at being the bridge between academia and industry by working to build and develop the capacity of individuals and groups by specializing on impacting corporate employees, students and graduates at the tertiary level with the right corporate and vocational skills.

At SmithTips, we focus on improving the lives of students through learning by increasing access to high-quality education from top universities and other professional bodies across the world. Our instructor-led training and self-paced learning platform provides students with the tools and training to grow and thrive in their various programmes of studies and within the corporate environment.

As part of SmithTips’ strong commitment to guide and develop young professionals, we launched the Sectoral Rotational Internship Program to help undergrads and recent graduates integrate easily into the corporate world, culture and work environment. At SmithTips we believe, “the better-equipped students are, the better they transition into the job market” as such, students are given the opportunity to work with world-class establishments through this Internship Programme which is based on a sectoral rotational basis. This initiative is designed to give students the opportunity to work in a global collaborative environment, interact with top leaders, foster relationships, build professional network and handle real-world business situations which will intend give them the necessary experience and exposure whilst in School.

About SmithTips Club

Our Team

The company staff have considerable working experience in a wide range of areas ( namely finance, web design and programming, software application development, office productivity, health, safety, and environment, business development, PMP, etc.) and this enables it to give a broader outlook to its training solutions.
The team has one goal which is aimed at honing and shaping the skills of these students as well as empowering and supporting them to gain practical industry experience while in school. We believe in quality and don’t settle for anything less than that in all aspect of our business functioning. 

Why Choose Us

 SmithTips is the world's biggest classroom recorded video lectures collection with more than 500+ courses, 10,000+ video lectures from more than 30 top universities. Most of the videos are downloadable in various formats and updated almost every day. 

All courses on SmithTips are absolutely free! Users register and get access to ALL available courses on the platform.


SmithTips does not allow just anyone to create a course on our platform. Our Instructors are well trained, qualified and certified experts from various official educational institutions and corporate organizations.


Courses on SmithTips undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure, our members (users) get nothing but quality ensuring that they have a great learning experience.


SmithTips offers courses on a wide range of training areas, both academic and non-academic. Our training courses range from computer programming to business management and marketing, running through lifestyle training like arts & crafts, food & beverage, beauty & makeup, home improvement, etc. as well as corporate related training such as office productivity, just to mention a few. There is so much you can learn and do from this platform.


To make our services easily accessible, we have created an App (SmithTips) currently on the App Store and Google Play store, from which users can access all of our training programs/courses.

The SmithTips mobile application delivers the best training experience on any day, anywhere and at any time. With the SmithTips app, you can instantly watch and follow our training programs as many times as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want and at anywhere.

SmithTips has a user-friendly interface and with its course structure, it is easy to access, follow, understand and use.


SmithTips Courses are designed for easy access and at your own time. No need for enrollment dates. All subscribed users get access to all available courses and can take them at their own time.


SmithTips Members have access to all course materials indefinitely!


Instructors can reward students on their courses with achievements in the form of badges and certificates. This is set up so that students receive the badge or certificate when they have fulfilled certain criteria that the instructor has set, for example achieving a certain level in a test, completing certain course activities, and participating in group work.

These badges and certificates can be can displayed to potential employers and other interested parties.

Our Vision

For every student to be supported on a pathway to create a productive future by increasing access to high-quality education and corporate skills from top universities and recognized professional bodies across the world.

Our Mission

To increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere to build the capability needed for the Africa of tomorrow through enhanced teaching and learning offline and online.

Our Philosophy

At SmithTips we believe, the better-equipped students are, the better they transition into the job market.

SmithTips is a human capital organization that is aimed at being the bridge between academia and industry by working to build and develop the capacity of individuals and groups.

 Dansoman Atico, Accra, Ghana

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